Generate a random public IP address in PHP

The requirements

Valid IP addresses are in the form, where xxx is a number from 0-255. RFC 1918 specfies that the, and address ranges are restricted for use in private internets only.

I needed a PHP function that would generate a random IP address excluding the IP ranges restricted by RFC 1918. The following is what I came up with.

The code

For the sake of clarity, the code is more verbose then necessary. Remove line breaks and add ternary operators to your liking for production.

 * Returns a random valid public IP address. For the definition of a 
 * public IP address see
 * @return string The IP address
function random_valid_public_ip() {
  // Generate a random IP
  $ip =
      mt_rand(0, 255) . '.' .
      mt_rand(0, 255) . '.' .
      mt_rand(0, 255) . '.' .
      mt_rand(0, 255);

  // Return the IP if it is a valid IP, generate another IP if not
  if (
      !ip_in_range($ip, '', '') &&
      !ip_in_range($ip, '', '') &&
      !ip_in_range($ip, '', '')
  ) {
    return $ip;
  } else {
    return random_valid_public_ip();

 * Returns true if the IP address supplied is within the range from 
 * $start to $end inclusive
 * @param string $ip The IP address to be checked
 * @param string $start The start IP address
 * @param string $end The end IP address
 * @return boolean 
function ip_in_range($ip, $start, $end) {
  // Split the IP addresses into their component octets
  $i = explode('.', $ip);
  $s = explode('.', $start);
  $e = explode('.', $end);

  // Return false if the IP is in the restricted range
  return in_array($i[0], range($s[0], $e[0])) &&
      in_array($i[1], range($s[1], $e[1])) &&
      in_array($i[2], range($s[2], $e[2])) &&
      in_array($i[3], range($s[3], $e[3]));


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